The simplest vent protection comes as a two part installation. A frame is attached to the brickwork around the vent and, when floods are imminent, the cover can be clipped into place to prevent water passing through. These are cheap and easy to fit. Automatic vents are also available, these have the advantage that they work without intervention but they have to be installed as a replacement for the standard vent.

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One of the most horrible effects of high water levels is the backflow of waste from the sewage system. This can occur even if there is no flood water at your door - so it makes a very good investment! For self-installation, two basic types are available: the pan seal and the inflatable bung. The pan seal fits under the rim of the toilet whereas the inflatable bung is inserted into the U-bend. Both are inflated to make a secure water-tight seal. Backflow prevention can also be directly fitted into your waste system by suitably qualified professionals.

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